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Corporate finance

PROSPECT INVESTMENT COMPANY has been rendering corporate finance services since 1995. Currently Russian Funds investment group works with a number of companies in the raising of investment, selection of financial partners, mergers and other operations related to investment banking.

Our joint services in this area include:

  • investment consulting;
  • assessment of fundraising and investment efficiency;
  • selection of a suitable fundraising scheme;
  • preliminary consultations with potential investors;
  • project financing;
  • project feasibility study;
  • assessment of cash flow and project efficiency;
  • preparation of the loan application;
  • search for investors;
  • preparation and placement of the new share issues;
  • company valuation;
  • developing an optimal strategy for market entry;
  • negotiations with potential investors;
  • IPO.

Russian Funds investment group is a Top 20 investment company in Russia. The National Ratings Agency (NRA) has assigned the following ratings to companies of the Group:

  • ZAO Pallada Asset Management MC — Group A+ (high reliability - first level)
  • ZAO Russian Funds — Group AA+ (very high reliability — first level)
  • PROSPECT - IT Invest brokerage companies – Group AA+ (very high reliability — first level).

Key activities:
Direct investments:
Since 1999 Russian Funds investment group has been successful in direct investments into various industries of Russia and CIS countries. Today the key areas for the Group's direct investments are as follows:

  • gold-mining industry;
  • development projects;
  • insurance;
  • Internet projects;
  • telecommunications;
  • financial services;
  • retail networks.

The direct investments mechanism of
Russian Funds investment group envisages compulsory Due Diligence, purchase of the controlling stake in a company, business restructuring and development, enhancement of complete replacement of the management team, establishment of a business-planning and corporate reporting system, cost cutting, introduction of the internal control function, improvement of the economic security service and, if required, involvement of high-skilled external consultants (finance, audit, legal and industry experts).

M&A transactions:

  • development of an M&A transactions funding strategy;
  • sale of assets and establishment of strategic alliances;
  • consulting and support in restructuring, and protection from hostile takeovers;

Raising investment for Russian companies in the debt markets:
Arrangement and underwriting of debt securities issues.
Secondary market support and debt instruments trading.

At the MICEX stock exchange
Russian Funds investment group were twice rated the best underwriter company in Bond Market category. Starting from 1999 the Group placed about 40 bonded and bill debts and CLN for Russian issuers, the total volume exceeding RUB 50 billion. In 2007 alone, the Group placed the debt securities of eight issuers with a total value of RUB 10 billion.
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