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Depository service

Description of the service
PROSPECT INVESTMENT COMPANY offers its Clients the service of a depository with considerable experience, a well-established mechanism of correspondence relations with settlement depositories and using the most advanced equipment and processes.

The Depository of PROSPECT INVESTMENT COMPANY is a separate structural unit within the company; it acts based on the License of the Professional Participant of the Securities Market No. 077-06816-000100 issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service on 01/07/2003 for an indefinite term.

Benefits and opportunities of the Company's depository
The Company has established custody relations with all major settlement and authorized depositories, which means the Client's needs and interests can be satisfied to the greatest possible extent. The depository renders the full range of services as stipulated by Russian legislation. In addition to the key services of rights recording and custody, the depository also offers the following services to Clients:
  • encumbered securities accounting;
  • work with settlement depositories servicing the trading sites;
  • re-registration in shareholder registers and correspondent depositories;
  • informational support and provision with corporate information;
  • receipt and payment of dividends, interest and other yield accepted for servicing and so on;

When rendering custody services, the Company aims to create a comfortable business environment on the securities market for all of its Clients; In the context of concentrated operations with corporate securities within a restricted group of market participants, the infrastructure cost cutting and extension of the trading volume can be reached at the expense of buy and sell operations among the Company's clients.

Cost cutting:
  • Reduction of costs related to re-registration of title and payment of commission fees.
  • Reduced time for re-registration of securities and faster payments in purchase and sale transactions.
  • Reducing the infrastructure risks related to non-execution.
  • Reduction of the Client's expenses on own infrastructure.

Flexible choice
When using the depositary services the Company's clients retain complete freedom of choice. The Client may trade independently with any market counterpart using the custody and operational services of the Company. This is especially important for professional players in the securities market since they can still act as independent brokers. The second option, which is interesting mostly for the investors that do not render any brokerage services but are active in the market, means that the Client also receives brokerage services in addition to custody services.

Use of the most advanced technologies enables our depository to perform all orders in time and in full, guarantee the Clients' rights and protection of the Clients' interests. The stable and high-quality work of the depository is an important component of the Company's operations and serves as a guarantee of delivering securities on the Client's transactions.

Additional services
The combination of custody and brokerage services gives the Client additional advantages. In particular:
  • credit limits with the most active brokers via the Company;
  • flexible loan and margin trading conditions;
  • free service of the Internal Reports and Accounting Department;
  • free depository services;
  • free information and analytical support;
  • effective reporting.
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