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PROSPECT INVESTMENT COMPANY was founded in 1995 at the very dawn of the Russian securities market and it is one of its oldest participants. It numbers among the leaders in terms of trading volume on Russian exchanges and the over-the-counter market. In the late 1990s PROSPECT reorganized its business, replacing management, introducing new investment products and improving the level of customer service.

In September 2003, IC PROSPECT became part of the Russian Funds investment group. Since then the company has shown a significant improvement in its market standing and it has expanded its business.

Russian Funds Investment group, the parent entity of IC PROSPECT, was established in 1999 as a company dealing with debt instruments. The Group has been repeatedly recognized as the best underwriter on the MICEX stock exchange.

Russian Funds Investment group is a Top 20 investment company in Russia. The National Ratings Agency (NRA) has assigned the following ratings to companies of the Group:

  • ZAO Pallada Asset Management MC — Group A+ (high reliability - first level)
  • ZAO Russian Funds — Group AA+ (very high reliability — first level)
  • PROSPECT - IT Invest brokerage companies – Group AA+ (very high reliability — first level)

The total volume of loans to companies and organizations in various sectors, as placed by the Group, constitutes over RUB 22 billion. The Group's efficiency is backed by the diversified structure of its business, high-quality system of risk management and the professionalism of the team. The company's financial reporting and operations meet international standards. In recent years Russian Funds investment group has been actively involved in development of new business directions. In particular, work has commenced on the real estate market and investment-banking and pension products have been launched.

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