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International markets

Description of the service
PROSPECT INVESTMENT COMPANY was among the first in Russia to offer its Clients access to the international financial markets and is still among the leaders in Russia both in terms of quality of service and volume of trades in the western trading sites.

With a well-developed network of partnerships with the largest foreign brokerage companies and a well-established mechanism of working with the Group's key partner - Plasma Enterprises Limited - which holds all the permits required for rendering brokerage and dealership operations in the EU, we can offer our clients, both resident and non-resident, a wide range of services on the world's major stock exchanges.

Available stock exchanges

  • NYSE
  • AMEX
  • London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • Deutsche Bourse (XETRA)
  • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
  • and the other major world stock exchanges.


Clients can perform operations with foreign securities both using open through the voice instructions at the Trading Desk that deals with international market operations, and on their own via direct-access electronic systems. We offer our Clients the most successful and time-proven trading platforms, such as GL Trade, CQG and others, plus complete informational and technical support.

Benefits and opportunities 

  • Access to international sites from a single terminal
  • Real level 2 quotations
  • Orders submitted directly to the trading site
  • Reasonable commission
  • Marginal lending
  • Possibility to run short positions
  • Analytical support and consultation for clients

International markets provide our clients wider (compared to the Russian market) opportunities to use various investment strategies, geographic diversification and the opportunity to respond to key economic and political events beyond the trading sessions that are set up in Russia. Both long-term investors and active traders and arbitrageurs may display an interest in foreign exchange trading. For them, PROSPECT presents an opportunity to use marginal lending for a long list of foreign securities. Moreover, there is a possibility ADR/GDR could be converted to local shares and vice versa, for depositary receipts of Russian companies and much more.

For further information please contact the International Sales and Trading Department of IC PROSPECT.

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