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Qualified investors

PROSPECT INVESTMENT COMPANY offers its Clients support in obtaining the status of a qualified investor totally free of charge.

Requirements for natural persons and legal entities to obtain the status of a qualified investor are described in item 2 of the Rules of Investors Qualification in IC PROSPECT

Rules for recognizing Investors' Qualifications in IC PROSPECT

A qualified investor is...

This term was introduced by the order of the Federal Financial Markets Service dd. 18 March 2008 No.08-12/пз-н due to the fact that the Russian market of securities now urgently needs new financial tools with high risk and high profitability that would help boost efficiency in the conditions of financial crisis. Introduction of such instruments entailed the necessity to rank the investors in order to protect their interests: expansion of the range of financial products and ways of working with them for experienced investors as well as protection of the market participants who are not versed in the specific details of working with various financial tools. Certain market participants are qualified investors on the strength of the law. They are: brokers, dealers, securities and investment assets managers, credit institutions, insurance companies, investment and pension funds, the Bank of Russia, Vnesheconombank, Deposit Insurance Agency, international financial institutions and other entities as stated in the federal laws.

Qualified investor benefits

The status of a qualified investor allows working with a number of financial instruments accessible only to market participants according to the Federal Law on Investment Funds. These instruments have a higher margin and thus higher risk. Closed and interval mutual funds for qualified investors are currently the most interesting tools for qualified investors. These funds give higher margins due to more diverse investment vehicles:

  • investment committees;
  • partial payment of units;
  • credit and loan operations;
  • transactions with own fund investors;
  • and a number of other opportunities.

The investment funds with the above-mentioned opportunities are restricted by law only to qualified investors. At that, any closed or interval fund can be declared qualified and thus can use the enhanced set of tools suggested by the amended Federal Law on Investment Funds.

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